As a kid, I gravitated toward creative projects. I constantly showed my parents every coloring page. I also remember scavenging our house for any interesting thing that I could turn into something functional or decorative for my room. I grew up in Texas and didn’t have art classes until high school but after my first one, I was hooked. I went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Ohio State University.

I now have over 10 years of professional graphic design experience. Along the road, I’ve worked as an in-house designer for Ohio State and Princeton University’s Art Museum, at an advertising agency on the Jersey shore, and at home as a freelancer. The agency environment taught me to juggle multiple clients and to work fast and efficiently. Working in-house, I learned to follow brand guidelines and to be creative, while still maintaining consistency. Lastly, freelancing has strengthened my communication skills with clients and developed my independent problem solving abilities.

When I’m not designing, you’ll find me hiking with my family or at the nearby farmers market. My creative side also spills over into regularly adjusting the interior design of our home (currently in Vermont), fixing up an old piece of furniture I scored thrifting, or capturing visually interesting moments on instagram. Hop on over to the contact page if you want to know more. I’d like to get to know you too!